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INTRO by Chak brand comprises a team of individuals led by architect-designer Nadezhda Chak, who are esteemed experts in their field. They are creative and technically proficient specialists, consistently delivering outcomes of superior quality deserving of the utmost acclaim. When commissioning a project from INTRO by Chak, you can rest assured of the exceptional level and quality of services provided.

Nadezhda Chak

the founder and head of the studio
Nadezhda Chak embarked on her career with intriguing yet straightforward projects in 1998, and since then, has undergone a dynamic evolution in the realization of various endeavors. In 2005, Nadezhda founded the INTRO studio, which has effectively operated in the realms of architecture and design. The distinctive professional style of designer Nadezhda Chak was cultivated through collaborations with Spanish architects and Italian designers.
n her creations, Nadezhda Chak endeavors to craft interiors that seamlessly align with their occupants. Just as each person possesses their own unique identity, interiors should reflect the individuality of their owners. In the contemporary context, design encompasses a wide spectrum of elements. A successful interior design intertwines thoughtful space planning (ergonomics) with aesthetic appeal.

"The successful and delicate fusion of these two principles within an interior, in my view, epitomizes exceptional design. This ethos underpins every project undertaken by my studio".
Our honours and awards
n 2014, Nadezhda Chak won the International Property Awards (UK). Three times included in the list of "100 best architects and designers in Russia" according to AD magazine. In 2018, she became a nominee of the SBID International Design Award.
n 2014, Nadezhda Chak won the International Property Awards (UK).
In 2018, she became a nominee of the SBID International Design Award.
Three times included in the list of "100 best architects and designers in Russia" according to AD magazine.
At your service
List of our capabilities
When you reach out to us, you’ll experience a comprehensive approach to interior design. Our studio specializes in direct imports from Europe, boasting a vast network of longstanding and reliable partners across various sectors. This enables us to extend mutually beneficial offers tailored to your needs. We meticulously oversee and manage the delivery schedule, aligning it with the construction timeline. Whether it’s collaborating with your construction company or our contracting organization, our studio ensures diligent author’s supervision throughout the project implementation process.
Our graphic quality rivals that of movie production standards. By consolidating various aspects of the project, we streamline communication channels, saving our clients time, stress, and money. With the capability to orchestrate and execute all aspects of the design project within the European Union, courtesy of our fully operational office in Barcelona, we offer a comprehensive solution from start to finish.
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Our Proposal
Our project proposal is the culmination of 20 years of studio work spanning across Spain, Germany, and Russia. Comprising architects, planners, and designers, our team dedicates itself to every stage, aiming for timeless projects with top-tier design quality. To optimize outcomes, we partner with European architects, leveraging their expertise to craft exclusive designs utilising cutting-edge materials and technologies not yet utilized in Russia.
For Investors
Turnkey Service Package
Engineering Communications
Our company offers comprehensive design services for engineering communications. Our specialists will develop a project tailored to your preferences, as well as considering the building’s features and regulatory requirements. Our goal is to ensure that the time spent within the premises we design is as comfortable as possible for all occupants.
Design Project
We spend the majority of our time inside buildings — whether it’s the homes we live in, the offices where we work, or the industrial facilities where we relax. This underscores the importance of adopting a meticulous approach to interior design and decoration.
With our company’s representative office in Europe, we collaborate with various European manufacturers of furniture, sanitary ware, and finishing materials. This enables us to facilitate direct deliveries to Russia at highly competitive prices.
We offer comprehensive support not only throughout the duration of the project but also during the completion phase. Our team diligently tracks deliveries and thoroughly inspects goods for any defects upon receipt.
Working documentation serves as the cornerstone of any project. It provides the necessary guidance for realizing the envisioned interior. Builders will have clear instructions on what needs to be done and how to execute it.
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