Every project of the studio INTRO by Chak
is a comprehensive approach to interior

Our design studio executes direct deliveries of furniture, materials and elements of décor from Europe. A large number of producers are our longterm trusted partners which allows us to make attractive offers for our clients. At the same time we make sure that all the deliveries run in accordance with the construction time frames. The implementation of the project stays under our control whether it is done with the help of the construction company of the client or our own subcontractors. If required, we can minimize the amount of companies and their representatives who the clients need to deal with. This will allow you to avoid wasting of time, additional payments and headache.

In addition, our clients have the opportunity to see their future interior with photographic precision with the help of computer modelling. The quality of our graphics is comparable to the level used in filmmaking. Plus, thanks to an operational office in Barcelona, we have the ability to implement a design project in any of the EU countries.