Light Classic

Light Classic Project: an apartment with the area of 150 м²

Our clients: a married couple with children

Style: contemporary with neoclassical elements  

“Custom made and unique interior design is like independent cinematography, it is very difficult to define it,” points out Nadezhda Chak, the designer. “But if I have to single out the main concept of the project, I would say that I was creating a relaxed and neat interior with occasional statement details using the contrast between classical and minimalistic  styles”. The project was designed in neat pastel hues. The grey and beige prevail, as according to the psychological surveys they are most suitable for creating a cozy and comfortable environment. The feeling of comfort is reinforced by the symmetry in the planning of the apartment space. All the rooms were center aligned while the planning is fully suiting the needs of the family. The corridor naturally separates the bedroom of the clients from the so called “public” space of the apartment. The subdivision of the apartment space into zones has been done with the help of smart looking doorways. One separating the kitchen from the dining room, the other one creating a home library space in the living room. The long sliding doors visually enhance the space. Attention to details: the built in cupboards with dishes located to the sides of the mirror wall in the dining room are decorated with pink velvet from the inside. The combination of various textures of the same shades and statement color patches creates an extraordinary feeling. The special feature of the kitchen is the decoration of the backsplash with brass panels perfectly suiting the kitchen lamp shade. In the bathroom instead of the usual stone panels and tiles we have used fiber boards and stemalite surfaces, the enameled glass. The bedroom is decorated with bright patches of turquoise and soft velvet.