90 square meter apartment on the Mediterranean Sea, the Spanish coast not far from Alicante. The apartment block is surrounded by lush greenery; that is why the client was offered a daring tropical style solution for the interior design. The apartment was used as a holiday home.

In the process of design planning the client was open to all the novel ideas and she absolutely loved the suggestion to use green as the main feature.
Initially the client wanted to refresh the paint on the walls and renovate the kitchen… In the end the project turned into a massive reconstruction. The client did not want to change the doors. This set the start of the project. If we are not going to change them, let’s have them painted. A bright shade of green was suggested. It fascinated and inspired the client. From then on the project could not be limited to simple repainting of the walls. The green doors called out for more. And so a sunrise shade of pink appeared, together with the luxurious brass, tropical leaves and birds on the wallpaper.